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Barbara J. Zitwer Agency Submission Guidelines:

Firstly, thank you for being interested in the Barbara J Zitwer Agency. We are a small boutique agency and very hands on; editorially, in marketing and public relations direction, and all other areas that writers need help with to succeed in today’s world of international publishing. Therefore, we can accept only email queries. If we are interested in reading materials, we will respond. Due to the enormous amount of queries, we are only able to respond to authors whose works we are interested in reading. We are sorry that we are unable to respond individually to everyone who contacts us. We do not accept any electronic attachments with an initial query. We only accept materials we solicit. We are not able to accept queries sent through the mail. We are unable, due to the huge amount of queries we receive, to respond to any regularly mailed queries or to return any letters or manuscripts sent to us unsolicited. 

We promise that we read very carefully every email letter that is sent to us. As you can learn from reading this website and seeing the books we represent, that we have specific tastes in literature and specialize in certain areas; global , commercial fiction, literary translations, bestselling international books and books that are sold for Hollywood movies. We have built our agency on discovering new writers and we work very closely, are 100% committed to do everything we can to make our authors’ dreams come true. However, due to the size of our agency and our directive of building international bestselling writers and selling film rights, we are not able to take on many new writers — we do not operate on volume. We represent authors we believe in for a long career and help make it happen for them. 

Again, we are very grateful if you have chosen to submit to us, but please understand the boundaries which necessitate our business. We look forward to hearing from you.

All manuscript submissions must be sent through the regular mail to our address


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Barbara J. Zitwer Agency
525 West End Avenue
Suite 11H
NY, NY 10024